Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is ImmiHealth only for refugees, migrants, and uninsured populations?

No, any individual with poor or limited access to healthcare is eligible to reach out to ImmiHealth for any health-related assistance.

Q. How ImmiHealth services are offered?

ImmiHealth's services will be offered through web and mobile applications, which will be launched soon. Unfortunately, we are still in the process of setting up ImmiHealth and creating the application. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q. Does ImmiHealth entail any short/long term, in-person or virtual, physician-patient interaction and/or relationship?

No, ImmiHealth does not entail any short/long term, in-person or virtual, physician-patient interaction and/or relationship.

Q. At ImmiHealth, will there be any medical-decision making and evaluation of a patient's symptoms and determination of their diagnosis?

No, at ImmiHealth, there will be no medical-decision making and/or evaluation of a patient's symptoms and determination of their diagnosis. ImmiHealth is a health-technology platform, where people with poor/limited access to healthcare are expected to connect with free/affordable healthcare resources and gain education (virtually/in-person) on different topics in medicine, including diseases, infections, research, vaccinations, medical insurance, and so on. Any form of help that a person gains from ImmiHealth is totally voluntary - it is up to the person whether to accept/utilize the help or not; the person is NOT REQUIRED TO ACCEPT THE HELP.

Q. At ImmiHealth, how will accessing affordable healthcare resources work?

Anyone is welcome to utilize ImmiHealth's application to navigate and access affordable healthcare resources, including free health and migrant-friendly clinics. If the person chooses to access a resource, let's say they want to book an appointment with a health professional at a clinic, the app will show (in different languages) ways to book or request an appointment with the professional at the clinic/location where they are practicing. However, the patient-health professional interaction will be at the clinic (or the way the professional usually meets their patients), following the rules and regulations of the clinic and the company the medical professional is affiliated with. ImmiHealth will not be indulged in ANY WAY in providing a place (in-person/virtually) for the health professional-patient conversation/interaction/relationship.

Q. When will ImmiHealth start offering its services to people needing medical help?

Thank you so much for this question. ImmiHealth started very recently. Since then, we have been working hard on multiple aspects of this project, ranging from creating the web application to setting up connections in healthcare. Our goal is to complete the app development by the end of June 2023 and continue setting up our healthcare network. In July of 2023, we will launch our app using which people will be able to benefit from our health services.

Q. Is ImmiHealth a legal entity?

Yes, ImmiHealth is now a legally registered non-profit in Michigan, the United States. However, it is not a 501(c)(3) non-profit yet. We are still in the process of acquiring that status.

Q. How and when ImmiHealth was founded?

ImmiHealth was founded in January 2023 with the help of mentorship we gained from entrepreneurship programs.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions.