Sania Srivastava

"From struggling to comprehend others to facing challenges in effectively expressing ourselves, the journey of immigration is undoubtedly complex and demanding."

Interviewed by Konrad Lautenschlager

6/3/20232 min read

Being an immigrant can be incredibly draining and overwhelming at times. From struggling to comprehend others to facing challenges in effectively expressing ourselves, the journey of immigration is undoubtedly complex and demanding. When I moved with my parents to the United States five years ago, I was initially astounded by the beauty that awaited me. I found myself captivated by the blue skies and green landscapes that had previously existed only in photographs in India. That experience set the tone of what to expect- a beautiful country picture-perfect. But as time went on, the reality of immigrant life began to sink in.

Navigating everyday life in a foreign land wasn't as idyllic as I had imagined. I quickly realized that the journey ahead wouldn't be without its fair share of hurdles.

While my passion for healthcare had always burned within me, understanding the intricate workings of the US healthcare system, insurance strategies, and even the health culture became a big question.

One time, my sister needed to undergo a physical health checkup for her high school swimming team. With simply a casual mention of "need physical test " from her coach, we went researching- trying to grasp what this mysterious "physical test" entailed in schools and who could help. Luckily a couple of calls around the clinics in our neighborhood explained how our pediatrician could help, but it hasn't always been this easy. When my mom faced a medical emergency during our first year in the US, we found ourselves frantically evaluating our health insurance plan in the waiting room. We spent hours breaking down the meaning of out-of-coverage providers and complex prescription terms to understand our insurance plan. And at that moment, it became crystal clear to me the critical need for transparency in our healthcare system.

As an immigrant, I know firsthand the distinctive perspective we gain when facing these challenges head-on. That's why, at Immihealth, our mission holds a deeply personal meaning to me. We are dedicated to developing a community-centered solution that bridges an unfortunate gap between immigrants and essential healthcare education and resources. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall experience that numerous immigrants, including myself, encounter transitioning to a new land.

Through Immihealth, I firmly believe that by addressing the specific needs of immigrants, we can create tangible improvements in our community. Together, we can build one of a kind support network that empowers immigrants. It's our shared experiences, and our community, that inspire us to create a better future for ourselves and those who come after us.

As an immigrant, I have witnessed the remarkable resilience that defines our community. We face numerous challenges, always more than anticipated, but they neither define nor hold us back. On the contrary, when bad days come and homesickness lingers, we draw strength from our purpose, dreams, and choices we made. With our unwavering spirit and determination, we continue to break barriers and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

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